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About the Author

Graham MacFarlane is a writer based in Edmonton who hasn’t published anything until he started this blog. Most of his creative efforts went into doing content for private tabletop games, mostly 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons. Almost Infinite is his first public project, that will hopefully be followed by getting something else published either in the tabletop gaming or literary realms.

He is a straight, engaged, white, cisgendered male who unapologetically respects the inherent worth and dignity of every person. He therefore doesn’t get offended if labelled a “social justice warrior” but does question the validity of using that as an insult in the first place. Besides, Graham is probably more of a social justice warlock than any of the martial classes.

About the Blog

Almost Infinite is a weekly publication that comes out at noon on Saturdays, Mountain Time (or shortly thereafter if Graham is still editing at the stroke of noon). It covers a broad range of topics ranging from video games to contemporary politics, but there is a common thread: everything has to do with a philosophical view of life as a game, as outlined in Thesis Statement. The target is usually about 1000 words per post, +/- 500, it really depends on how much space is needed to fully present an idea without going overboard. The name for this blog, and a lot of the initial content, was inspired by a book called Finite and Infinite Games by James P. Carse. It’s highly recommended reading.

All rights are reserved for content created by Almost Infinite authors. That doesn’t include the Pixabay stock photos or any snippets of others’ work being used according to fair dealing provisions of Canadian copyright law. The blog will always remain free of external advertisements and won’t be directly supported by crowdfunding in order to keep the content about promoting ideas rather than about attracting views and clicks. However, authors writing for Almost Infinite may plug their own work if it’s relevant.